LISFeeds Reoriented

Throughout the LISHost media galaxy shared with Erie Looking Productions, there are quite a number of fountains spewing out content. LISNews is where you are reading this. LISWire is the site where folks in the library realm can post their press releases. LISTen is the podcast hosted on the LISNews server that has a feed from Delicious showing stories crossing the threshold for being looked at (also known as the slush-pile). LISTen also occasionally takes the form of a video podcast as circumstances arise.

That's a lot to track. While RSS does wonders, what if you aren't in front of your favorite RSS reader? has been reoriented to serve as an aggregator for all of those content manifestations. Posts are interleaved from the various sources into a river of posts. An automatic job on the server polls each source every three hours or so to check for updates. A pinger showing that updates have happened has been rigged up on Identica.

As always, this is a work in progress. Check it out and perhaps enjoy it. Using the planet aggregation software easily allows you to get your metaphorical feet wet with some pre-selected feeds.


+LISNews -LISWire -LISTen ;)

also, with all of the re-jiggering, is "" still the preferred feed?

That only gives you the front page. Blog posts, unless promoted up to the front page, do not have RSS feeds available. You can also pick and choose among branches of the taxonomy tree if you only like certain topics, too.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS