Library\'s air taking toll on staffers


The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has this article on a library that is making people sick.

\"So far this year, 10 of the library\'s 35 staff members have missed a combined 225 work hours because of air-quality related health problems, Enerson said. Among them is Susan Skaggs, who wears a filtered breathing mask to work and maintains a \"Sick Building Log\" with entries from November 1998 through February 1999\"

\"Complaints about the air at the public library have become so widespread that nearly one in three staff members has missed work.\"

\"We\'ve got several staff people who have missed days of work because of this,\" said Hal Enerson, library administrative services manager.\"

\"The library board, based on medical certification, is granting administrative leave to staff members being impacted.\"

\"In January of this year, I started getting ill again,\" Skaggs said. \"By February, I started to realize it was the building again. (The symptoms) haven\'t cleared up this time.\"

Library officials say complaints about the air quality have generally come from library employees rather than patrons.\"