Library staff, patrons robbed at gunpoint

The normal quiet of a northwest Atlanta library was shattered last week when two gunmen came in and robbed the library staff and patrons. Seven people were in the Perry Homes branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library System on Bolton Road when the hold-up happened last Friday afternoon, according to Channel 2 Action News. “I heard a woman scream and I looked around, and a guy said, ‘You know what this is, get on the ground. Don’t look at me,’” said Glen Fortenberry, who was at a computer when the robbers entered.


A gun-free zone is an easy target -- the criminals know that no one will put up a fight.

Thank goodness it was gun free zone! Imagine the problems that would have happened if some pugnacious patron pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting the children by accident rather than the bad guys.

According to the best physics shown on TV, bullets simply evaporate if they don't hit their intended targets, instead of actually hitting other people standing near or behind those targets. And all shooters are excellent shots that never miss. After all, Roy Rogers simply shot the guns out of the hands of crooks without either hitting or breaking the hands or wrists, or even shooting the body behind the held gun. Doesn't this happen in real life?

What kinda moron robs a library? Uh, guys, we let people borrow our inventory for FREE!

I'll be honest, I am scared that something like this will happen at the library I work at. We have no security guards, no security cameras either inside or outside the building (for some unknown reason) and we are an easy target.

I hope I'll never have to face this situation and I feel awful for the staff and patrons at the library.

'What kinda moron robs a library? Uh, guys, we let people borrow our inventory for FREE!'

Do you lend out your wallet as well?

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