Library Director Resigns

Library Director David Farrar has resigned East Baton Rouge Parish library director David Farrar resigned Thursday, saying in an email to library board members and staff that the “negative focus on the library system over the past several days has made the work of the library a difficult task.” His tenure came to an end amid revelations of a 15-year-old case in Alabama in which he was accused of sexual abuse and impersonating a peace officer. He was acquitted of the sexual abuse charges but convicted on the impersonating charge, for which he received a three-year suspended sentence. <!--break--> Information also surfaced this week that Aaron Brian Fielder, a longtime friend of Farrar’s, former business partner and sometimes housemate whom Farrar hired a year ago as his deputy director, had pleaded guilty in federal court in Alabama in September to one court of attempted receipt of child pornography. Fielder, who is awaiting sentencing, has been on an unpaid leave of absence since June, when he was arrested, and resigned Nov. 7.

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