Library director owes us over $10,000 for personal expenses and leave, university tells state attorney

<p>The University of South Florida, a public university in Tampa with over 41,000 students, <a href="">has asked the state attorney to investigate a former library director</a>.</p><p>An audit <a href="">alleges</a> that Beverly Shattuck, formerly director of the medical library at USF, sold her Tampa-area house and moved to Virginia Beach, VA, using university funds to purchase a MacBook Air, two iPads, and a camera, supposedly for telecommuting -- even though the University never approved her experiment in running an academic library from 800 miles away. USF could not identify any legitimate business purpose for the camera or the second iPad. The former library director also used university funds for thousands of dollars worth of travel expenses, the USF audit said, in order to travel back and forth to the Tampa campus.&nbsp;</p><p>The most financially significant issue, according to the audit, was over 1,200 hours of unrecorded personal and sick leave. The university says it paid Shattuck over $11,000 in salary that she ought to have taken as unpaid leave when her paid annual leave had run out, and would have wrongfully paid her $35,723 more had the problem not been discovered.</p><p>After being placed on administrative leave following the suspension of her purchasing card, USF says, Beverly Shattuck voluntarily resigned. <a href="">A local news investigation confirmed</a> that she was permitted to retire with benefits from her $150,000+/year job. According to that investigation, a spokesman for the state attorney's office said that criminal charges are pending.</p>

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