Library Closed?


NEW YORK — All New York City public Libraries and the Statue of Liberty are closed due to the winter weather. The city was hit with close to 20" of snow.

The Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island are closed Thursday for snow removal.

Is your library open? Delayed opening? Closed? Please comment with your location to let us know...


The Free Library of Philadelphia tweeted this morning they would be open (instead of closed for a professional development day), but that was a tease -- only two libraries are actually open. The rest are closed.

The immediate cause of the topsy-turvy weather is clear enough. A pattern of atmospheric circulation that tends to keep frigid air penned in the Arctic has weakened during the last two winters, allowing big tongues of cold air to descend far to the south, while masses of warmer air have moved north.

The deeper issue is whether this pattern is linked to the rapid changes that global warming is causing in the Arctic, particularly the drastic loss of sea ice. At least two prominent climate scientists have offered theories suggesting that it is. But others are doubtful, saying the recent events are unexceptional, or that more evidence over a longer period would be needed to establish a link.

Full article in the NYT

All public libraries in Indianapolis are closed today due to icy weather. It's currently 21.0 °F with light freezing drizzle mist and the roads are ice-covered. Last night, it took me more than 30 minutes to chip enough ice off of my car to get going home after work (public library) and another 45 minutes for me and my son to chip the ice of his car. Today is icier than last night!

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