Library Christmas Tree Decoration made of Books

"2006 Christmas Tree made of books. I took this photo at the University library last year and was sure to tell one of the librarians how good an idea this was. As far as I remember the books were old reference books that weren't used much anymore" <img src=""> Read more about it at:


It's the Pre-56 Imprints of the National Union Catalog.... have to admit, this makes me a little sad.... The Pre-56 was, in its day, the indispensible source, the OCLC, of the large library.

In case it makes you feel better, Anonymous, the NUC is still in regular use at rare book libraries like the one where I work. OCLC is full of things for interlibrary loan, but is still missing plenty of the 16th- and 17th-century publications, even after the merger with RLIN.

Thanks for this depiction of my photo - I'm very proud:-) - and look what this post inspired: