Library cat attacks assistance dog


Alert reader Charles Davis sent along HREF=\"
3.html\">This Story from
href=\"\"> on a
man that filed a $1.5 million claim against a
California city, after a cat who lives in the public library
allegedly attacked
his dog.
The cat was apparently uninjured.
The cat is featured on the
website, and even has it\'s own HREF=\"
m\">FAQ. They say it\'s usually lounging on
bookshelves or cabinets
and is popular with the library\'s readers.
The man says his assistance dog was attacked by
LC moments after they entered the library in
MGTC passed along HREF=\"
61436.html\">Two more HREF=\"
o/news_1mi4cat.html\">Stories on the same thing.

I don\'t quite know what to say on this one, some
animals just get along like, well, cats and dogs.