library can\'t find time capsule it buried


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Mary Musgrave writes : \"this article that was in
Saturday\'s HREF=\"\">Dallas Morning
News. Haltom City is a
suburb of Ft. Worth.\"

\"Ms. Deaton and former
Haltom City librarian Laura Cleveland remembered
putting the time capsule in an area west of the library.

Ms. Cleveland, now the children\'s librarian in Watauga,
said while digging at the initial location they hit
something, but it turned out to be the sprinkler system.

After digging 10 or 12 more holes - and using a metal
probe to search them - they conceded their time
capsule was gone. The two women agree that the time capsule was
probably unearthed when the irrigation system was
installed in the early 1990s.

Ms. Cleveland said, \"We tried to make it waterproof, but
if [workers] opened it and water had leaked in ... they
might have thrown it away.\"

Future summer reading programs may include time
capsules, Ms. Deaton said. But next time they\'ll do
some careful planning and draw a map.

\"The moral to this story is measure everything and draw
a map with a friend,\" Ms. Cleveland said. \"Don\'t try to
rely on memory.\"