Libraries Demand Increases And Yet Budget Cuts Loom [INFOGRAPHIC]

Libraries have always been an important resource to our communities, and they are becoming an increasingly invaluable resource to genealogists and family historians everywhere. Many libraries hold multiple public record databases and thousands of archived newspaper pages for amateur and expert genealogists alike to use in their research.   However, in the midst of the recent economic downturn, many libraries have been losing funding. But this is the time that the country needs libraries the most: each year, an estimated 32.5 million Americans use libraries to do schoolwork or learn about college degree and certificate programs. About 30 million Americans use libraries for job hunting, resume-building, and learning more about different career paths each year.   Furthermore, libraries are an important resource for our nation’s children, who attend after-school library programs to enhance their lives.   In honor of National Library Week 2011, family history site has put together a white paper and visual graphic displaying libraries’ importance to genealogists and communities alike, as well as their financial predicament in recent times. You can view these resources at   We encourage you to help us celebrate National Library Week by supporting your local library. And don’t forget to thank your local librarian this week for all their hard work! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="600" height="2517" title="Learn more at" alt="" style="border:0" /></a>


It's not just the public libraries that are facing such cuts. Too many of our school libraries have lost funding and many are losing their certificated library teachers. With all of the emphasis on the "Common Core" standards in many states this loss will be catastrophic. The word "research" appears more than 70 times in the standards, and yet too many of our schools don't have these crucial teachers in the schools. My childrens' school district is cutting all librarians in the elementary and middle schools to part time next year, and I'm pulling my kids out of the public schools. Libraries and librarians are too important for them to be in a school without them!

Hell no I'm not paying any more bloody tax, I don't make enough as it is.
Oh I can't have the libraries then? Bugger

To Anonymous Reluctant Taxpayer:
All types of libraries are a crucial resource to everyone in this nation. Each year, 32.5 million Americans use libraries to do schoolwork or learn about college degrees/certificate programs. People also use them for job hunting/resume building (30 million people, in fact). After-school programs help keep kids out of trouble, and help them broaden their horizons, aspiring to succeed in the world. People everywhere are using libraries to improve their lives, improve their communities, and BECOME BETTER PEOPLE. Libraries and librarians don't get nearly as much credit and appreciation as they deserve. The call to action here is not raising taxes, but calling for support to stop all these budget cuts in areas that really can't/shouldn't take them, or just supporting libraries in general, any way you can--whether it by via donation, volunteering, etc. It's not just about YOU, it's about the future of an entire nation. Sometimes, you have to stop and force yourself to think about the bigger picture and what YOU can do to contribute to society.

PS- I'm not a librarian.

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