Libraries boom despite the Web


Finally a Story that admits the web is not going to shut down libraries.

\"It soon became clear that libraries are far from the tar pit - that, in fact, as both Reid and Keith Lance, director of Library Research Services for the Colorado State Library, noted: This idea so many people have, about libraries declining in the age of the Internet, is just wrong. Libraries, in fact, recognized the competition that technology presented and have offered it themselves.\"When libraries offer access to technology and assistance in using it, more people come in, and circulation of books goes up, too,\" Lance added, from his Denver office.

And with more use, librarians and their \"friends\" have begun spending more time and energy, searching for money to expand both services and space. In smaller areas like Delta County, one of the poorest counties in the state, it is not unusual for support groups such as Friends of the Library to number 85 members, which is the number for Cedaredge\'s group just now.

Because Colorado is one of four states that has no taxes earmarked for libraries, librarians and their friends all over the state are pulling for final approval of a state funding bill that would make $2 million available. In Delta County, for instance, passage of the bill would mean $8,000, which would be spent to buy books. In Mancos, just west of Durango, passage would increase its library\'s financial clout by $2,000.

In other words, Delta County is not alone when it comes to the \"Help Wanted\" section for libraries.

From THe Denver Post.