Libraries beginning to join computer revolution


AZ Central has a Story that says a bit about how libraries are adding more in the way of technology. Some have begun offering electronic books, use of free computers and Internet access. The Phoenix Central Library is even planning to give teens a rockin\' computer center, with loud music if they want.

\"At some libraries, people just aren\'t checking out as many books as they used to. In Tempe, where circulation fell 7 percent in the past year, Director Teri Metros concedes she\'s a bit concerned.

\"But we\'re still checking out a million items a year. We\'re just in a time of great transition. You can get depressed or excited about it,\" she said.

But while people are checking out fewer books, they\'re definitely checking more into library computers. Almost 600,000 Mesa residents logged on at their libraries over the past year, an rise of 300-plus percent.

Edwin Clements, a Kentucky amateur photographer vacationing in Mesa, is one of several who stopped in at the Main Library in Mesa last week to check e-mail.

\"There are a bunch of free e-mail sites on the Internet,\" he said. He added that not all libraries offer access and you have to shop around.