Librarian pay

Phil sent in this story from The faculty and staff newspaper of the University of Pittsburgh has a rather interesting story on the pay difference between librarians at Pitt and Penn State main campuses. It seems average pay at PSU is about $5,300 higher than that paid to Pitt Librarians. English professor Phil Wion, who chairs the University Senate\'s budget policies committee, said he compiled the statistics -- using data from Pitt\'s Office of Institutional Research -- because Pitt and Penn State are uniquely comparable: They are the only two members of the Association of American Universities (AAU) in Pennsylvania with \"state-related\" status.

Unlike Pennsylvania\'s 14 state-owned universities, the four state-related schools (Pitt, PSU, Temple and Lincoln) get substantial Commonwealth funding but function much like private institutions.

Pitt\'s administration argues that comparisons between faculty pay at Pitt and PSU satellite campuses are skewed because Penn State branches emphasize business, engineering and other disciplines that pay comparatively high faculty salaries, while course offerings at Pitt\'s Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville campuses are more comprehensive, with greater emphasis on the humanities.

Wion replied, \"It\'s hard to know exactly what variables are behind these numbers. Nevertheless, these are the best publicly available figures we have. And certainly, the magnitude of the differences between the faculty salaries paid at Penn State\'s branch campuses and our regional campuses is so great that it\'s clear we have some catching up to do.\"