Librarian Discovered How To Hypnotize Lobsters

Boing Boing noted An Amusing Old article where they talked about Martin Duncan, librarian to the Zoological Society, who, they say, quite accidently discovered her could hypnotise lobsters. Librarians: What Can't We DO?


You can't use correct grammar for starters.

Get a life grammar nazi

Get a style book, ignoramus.

I am the one that told you to get a life and I am not the person that wrote the original post. Point being that there are plenty of people that don't want to hear about every minor grammar error that is made. You still need to get a life.

"A wild, uneducated female lobster was selected at random from a fishmonger's slab for the purposes of the experiment."

What a great line!

Great new tag line for the LISNews! LOL!

According to the Lobster Institute you do not want to use hypnotism to call your lobster before tossing them into the pot. Hypnotism doubles the length of time they twitch around in the pot.