Language in First Amendment Lesson Irks Middle School Parents

The parents told the school board that they were never asked or even told that their children’s librarian was going to write and use profanity as part of a lesson on controversial books.

However, when they heard what happened afterwards, from their 8th grade children In West Linn, OR, the upset parents said they were furious and in disbelief. They said the teacher exposed their kids to more than a dozen curse words (ed: I bet the kids could have taught her a few more).

“There was the “F-word” written on the board. The teacher yelled them at the kids and then asked the kids to yell them back at him," said parent Elizabeth Thiede. She also explained that her child was upset by the display that was apparently carried out as part of a language arts unit at Athey Creek Middle School.

For nearly 10 years, the school has discussed banned and controversial books as part of a successful First Ammendment curriculum. But never before has profanity been used in such a way, school district officials admitted. has report and video.


**(ed: I bet the kids could have taught her a few more).

The standard of language used by teachers should not be what the kids have heard before. Just because some profanity has been used between kids does not make it ok to use in the classroom.

with you, it was simply an observation on my part.

The best pornography doesn't use swear words. Ayn Rand (Fountainhead; Atlas Shrugged) used to be the intellectual's pornographer, now it is Gary Jennings (Aztec, Journeyer).

Dirty thoughts. Clean words.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

Oh my! What's next?

Thanks, birdie, for posting this.


Her child was offended by the language used? Uh huh...

No, I'm not saying it's right to ever swear around students. I am saying that hiding behind a child is cowardly and dishonest and I'm sensing an instance of that happening right now.