Killer Fonts from libraries


There is a new web site where people can order fonts based on the handwritings of serial killers. The person who runs the site says he got the fonts from libraries. See the article from\">

\"Mahaffy said the site,, is glorifying murderers such as Charles Manson, cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, Gainesville Ripper Danny Rolling and Sirhan Sirhan.

\"This is morbid and an insult to victims worldwide,\" she said.

The site, based in Los Angeles, claims to have gleaned the signatures from libraries, court materials and public documents.\"

\"The signatures were converted into fonts, which can be purchased over the Net and downloaded into personal computers.

The signatures sell for $9.95 US each, or three for $19.95. For every purchase of three, a signature of O.J. Simpson is thrown in for free.

\"Someone out there is profiteering from crime,\" Mahaffy said. \"This site is glamourizing people and making them more notorious.\"

Mahaffy said the site is degrading to victims of killers and it\'s only a matter of time before a similar site is created here for Canadian killers. Mahaffy\'s daughter Leslie was one of the victims of notorious killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.\"