Justice Scalia Writes Guide for Interpreting the Law


Interview with Scalia on the PBS News Hour about his new book - Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts


I think way to many people look at constitutional law this way.

Good law = constitutional
Bad law = unconstitutional

If you read the constitution and see the powers that are granted by congress I know you can come up with an absolutely idiotic law that is constitutional. Vice versa when discussing a good law. You could have an awesome law that is completely unconstitutional.

If the constitution does not cover a specific topic there is an amendment clause in the constitution. If there is a law that the entire country loves but is unconstitutional we can change the Constitution. We should not be mad at supreme court justices for not creating legal fictions that are not in the constitution.

this is a pamphlet?

>>So I assume this is a pamphlet?

Are you referring to Scalia's book?

If you go to the Youtube video that the PBS Newshour has put up there are 7 likes and 5 dislikes.

I don't think that anyone should have to be a fan of Scalia but marking dislike on a video from a news show is childish. The video is an interview with a supreme court justice but a major news organization. There are discussing a book he has written.

Do you think you have participated in the democratic process by clicking dislike on Youtube?

Consider reading the book. If you disagree with it provide an intelligent critique.

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