Story found at EarlyWord.com about Jung's "The Red Book"

We didn’t see this one coming; featured in the NYT Magazine this week is a $150 book, which quickly rose to #4 on Amazon, just three spots away from The Lost Symbol.

Full piece here.

Oddly as of when this post was made the book is in the top 100 on Amazon but you cannot actually buy a copy. You can have Amazon send you an email when the book is available. I wonder if someone was trying to game the Amazon ranking or if there is some other reason why Amazon is not currently allowing pre-orders.


that some professor has put it in a reading list for all the new students that already are or about to start university soon.

As of five minutes ago (1:30 p.m. CST), C.G. Jung's Red Book is listed as available for pre-order from Amazon.com with a 46% discount. But it is listed as unavailable until December 4, 2009! Publisher W.W. Norton lists it as being released on October 7, 2009. Why the near-2 month delay?

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