The Joys of Duct Tape Crafts


It's summer, and time for...duct tape?

Duct tape, the go-to tool of fixer-uppers everywhere. Created in the 1940s to keep moisture out of ammunition cases, duct tape has spawned an almost cult-like following. From television to fashion to art, duct tape has leapt out of the tool box and into international pop culture.

The PennLive article continues: The Hummelstown (PA) Community Library will sponsor "Got Duct Tape?" at 6 p.m. July 28 for students ages 12 to 18. Participants can use duct tape to make such items as wallets, purses, belts and flip flops. Duct-tape belts? Ouch. "Duct tape comes in so many different colors and designs. There's neon and even camouflage," said Ellen Miller, youth services librarian.

"There are Web sites that only talk about the joy of duct tape. Some of the projects are pretty bizarre. We won't be passing those along."

What? Not sharing information? What are these websites of which they speak? Is this one? And does your library use duct tape in crafts? Tell us more...


Last weekend marked the 6th Annual Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio:

I am not sure if the Library does anything with them but they should. Unfortunately, I haven't been to the event but it sounds fantastic!

We're going to have our 2nd annual Duct Tape Construction program on Tuesday as part of our Summer Reading Club activities. Last year, we had 60 teens participate. I have no idea how many to expect this year!

Joplin Public Library
Joplin, MO