I've made my choice!

For years now I've had a clear favorite, but because of what happened last night, I've change my mind. It's now...

Kit Kat

For years it's been REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, but I think now that I'm older my tastes have changed.

My kids went trick-er-treating last night, and I helped myself to just a few samples (to make sure they were safe). It quickly became clear that while Peanut Butter and Chocolate ARE 2 great tastes, there just isn't a crispy wafer, and there's no way to get around that.

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I used to love Kit Kats, but maybe having access to really good (and inexpensive) serious chocolate (e.g., Trader Joe's 72% bars and 73% organic big bars) has ruined me. We gave out Kit Kats last night...and were handing out 4 and 5 mini-bars each as it became clear we'd never give them all away. I planned to save a few for myself, but after eating one...

Well, I just don't have the sweet tooth I used to have, particularly not for this kind of chocolate. (Ditto Reese's, which is the same company--even the same division, with both made by Reese's division of Hershey.)

that's about the only milk chocolate I enjoy... once you start eating 60-70% dark chocolate, everything else tastes like sugar with brown food coloring.

the days after Halloween, I stock up on Dove and Ghirardelli dark chocolate at half-price! oops, gotta go buy more....

Wondering what to get birdie for any old occasion?
Over 70% please. Valrhona (France) is wonderful. Lindt ain't bad either.

Almost every country I have been to has Kit-Kats. Mexico certainly has them, they are available in Canada.

I've had them in Spain and Morocco. I've had them in Kuwait. I've had them in Italy, Germany and France.

They certianly have them in Ireland and the UK. Switzerland has them, after all they are from Nestlé.

KitKat is the ambAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary representing good candy the world over.

So what have we learned about ourselves?

Blake "my tastes have changed" Flip-Flopper probably voted for Clinton
Walt "the same company" supports Nadar
effinglibrarian "Heath bars" Must be British, probably a Torry
birdie "Dark chocolate" Obama
mdoneil "ambAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary" A socialist, and probably French