Ithaka's 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Ithaka has recently released the full findings from our 2006 surveys of the behavior and attitudes of faculty members and academic librarians. These complementary studies, co-sponsored by JSTOR and by Ithaka’s incubated entities Portico, Aluka, and NITLE, have been of interest to academic librarians and scholarly publishers alike in presentations over the past year, but now we are making the datasets and a detailed white paper available as well. <!--break--> The faculty study focuses on attitudes and behaviors in the transition to an increasingly electronic information environment, examining perceptions and use of information services in the research and teaching processes. The findings shed light on the relationship between faculty and the library, faculty perceptions and uses of electronic resources, the transition away from print for scholarly journals, faculty publishing preferences, e-books, digital repositories, and the preservation of scholarly journals. The librarian survey complements this study, providing the perspective of librarians on many of these same issues, a process that highlights the similarities and differences between faculty and librarian views of key issues. We have prepared an in-depth white paper which details our findings and provides analysis and recommendations based on these studies, which may be found on the Ithaka website at For those who are interested in investigating our data on their own, we have deposited the raw datasets from these studies with ICPSR, and the faculty and librarian studies are available at and, respectively. The 2006 faculty study marked the third triennial research effort in this series, and we have greatly benefited from the reactions and suggestions of the community in response to these studies. We look forward to your questions and comments about these studies.