It's STILL Hot Out There

...MORE LIBRARY COOLING CENTERS It's a hugely important function of public facilities like libraries...and what are they going to do when more of them are closed due to funding cuts?

Pawtucket, RI
Westchester & Rockland Counties, NY
Norfolk, VA
Novi, MI
Richmond, IN
Boston & environs
Northern NJ
Portsmith NH
Minneapolis MN
Beloit WI
Detroit MI
Norfolk VA
Albany NY


Not only is my New York area academic library NOT a cooling center, it's a sauna! The AC on campus has been turned off for large chunks of the day over the last three days. Why turn off the AC during a record heat wave? Apparently to avoid blackouts in the New York metro area by not using electricity during peak hours. The AC was shut off and we were asked to refrain from using the elevators and to turn off "any unnecessary lighting and computers" to save electricity. Unnecessary computers? This is a library! During a blackout a few months ago, I realized that between databases and online catalogs, today's librarians can barely do our jobs without computers. I would have felt much more selfless about my role in protecting the tri-state area's power grid if they university system had given us the day off, since its hard to expect us to get any work done in 90 degree heat without computers turned on. Nope. No "heat day" given.

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