Interview of a Librarian


Interview of a Librarian

"Last week I had a slight buzz and randomly phoned 10 public libraries in 10 random states and asked to talk to a librarian. I asked the librarian if they would give me an email interview. Two hung up directly after the question. One woman coughed, and I heard her ask someone a question, and then she hung up. One said, “Quit calling me, Steven.” My name is not Steven. Six graciously said yes, and gave me their email addresses. Then, of the six, only one responded in full to the email interview questions. I have no idea why. These answers are from B. David. He manages a library in Mississippi."


I find it interesting that the second question down is about sex in the library. What does this say about the environment of the public library?

Academic Libraries have for decades been a place for college kids (and their admirers) to hook up in the bathrooms. I'd say it means that the Library is a safe space for people to discover themselves.

Sex in public bathrooms is discovering yourself? The question in the library interview specifically mentions glory holes. You support this? Really?

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