Internet Librarian 2011 Advance Program

If you're like me, and you know you want to be, you're all excited about Internet Librarian 2011! Well, good news, the Advance Program is now out.
Revolutionizing the Net with Content, Connections & Conversations
Internet librarians have been revolutionizing the Net for many years and are creating new and exciting opportunities for connections and conversations, adding value and providingaccess to many types of content, implementing user-friendly interfaces, and much more. Hear about leading-edge tools and techniques for revolutionizing your community, campus or organization at Information Today, Inc.'s 15th annual Internet Librarian. This conference provides the ideal opportunity to gather insights and ideas to ignite our imaginations and to spark innovation.
Some of those Sunday Workshops look AWESOME!


Really? Could we live without the shameless plug? I get tired of that in libraryland.

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