Internet Can Be a Dangerous Place for Unsupervised Children

Internet predators are using more sophisticated means to lure children into dangerous situations says The News Chief of Winter Haven, FL.

In July, the Federal Trade Commission released a report concerning child safety on the Internet. The report stated that in 2004, 45 percent of American children had a personal cellular phone, while in 2009, the number of children with a phone grew to 75 percent.

Cellular phones have become more sophisticated, allowing the user to access the Internet, chat, text, e-mail, photograph and play games - all on one device. The report raises concerns about the amount of personal information teens and older children inadvertently may share by making online purchases and browsing the Web. In response, the FTC has concentrated its efforts in combating Internet predators by expanding its Internet lab and developing tools to assist in mobile-related investigations.

This is something Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has been focusing on for much of his career. "There is no fail-safe protection from these predators," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Donna Wood. "This is a new frontier for crime.


Simple fix. Just don't give kids a phone. If you absolutely must give them a phone buy them a prepay phone that can only make phone calls. Another advantage of prepay phone is that you never get hit with unexpected charges. Just heard last night about about a parent that had their kid ring up a $800 cell phone bill. My prepay cell has $30 in minutes on it. Once my teenager ran through those minutes they are done.

If parents can't take responsibility then that's their hard luck

Most solicitation of this kind comes from within peer groups, not outside predators. Online or over the phone the solicitation is even easier to trace and report! Besides, we're kicking kids out of public spaces due to a combination of stranger-danger and fear of the kids themselves. They go online to get that space and the fear follows. At some point, something's gotta give.

"Electricity is really just organized lightning." - George Carlin