Injured During Her Lunch Hour, Librarian Wins Compensation But County Wants a Redo

Montgomery County (MD) is suing a county librarian who won about $5,500 in workers' compensation for hurting herself while trying to retrieve a shampoo bottle from her car during her lunch break, court records show.

Ginger Wilson, 64, said a gust of wind blew her car door into her while she was getting into her car at the suburban DC Twinbrook Library, causing her to fall and hurt her left arm, knee and foot. Wilson was trying to get a shampoo bottle because she had scheduled a hair appointment for her lunch break, court records show.

Wilson had surgery on her left wrist because of the injury and filed a workers' compensation claim. The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission found that her injuries arose "out of and in the course of employment" and awarded her six weeks' worth of workers' compensation. The County wants the money returned. Washington Examiner reports.


Some people have no shame.
I would be too embarrassed to sue my employer for something they clearly have no control over.

I've tried and tried to come up with some wild explanation, but I failed. How could this possibly be the county's fault?

She was on County property and in the parking lot. That's the only explanation I have.

Lunch Time Injury: Compensable?

Is an injury that occurs during an employee's lunch hour compensable under the state's workers' comp laws? A New York state court of appeals recently considered that question.

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I to tried to find a reason this should be allowed and found jack squat. This woman has no shame and needs to be looked at for early retirement IMO.

How can a person on lunch break and doing non-work related activities be paid worker's compensation? No wonder our national debt just keeps growing and growing.

Brian C. Gray

Workers comp is a state based system so has nothing to do with the national debt.

I am meant "national debt" in terms of all the debt created by government, not specifically the federal debt.

Workers comp is funded by employers not the government

You are kidding yourself if you think no government entities are in someway funding or funding the operation of workers compensation.

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