What Does It Take To Be A Good Librarian?

It takes knowledge of people, so says librarian David Wathan in his assessment of his long and satisfying career as a librarian in Henderson KY.

Donald Wathen attended three colleges, earning a bachelor's and a master's degree. But he considers what he learned working at a supermarket the most valuable.

"I worked eight years at (the former) Dick's Finer Foods" on Marywood Drive, Wathen related. "I went to school and got my degrees. But I got my education at Dick's Finer Foods." "I learned a lot ... in terms of people, and it's all about people" he explained. "I learned at Dick's Finer Foods about service and how the public behaves and how you treat the public -- things that serve you well in whatever you did."

As Wathen approaches retirement Aug. 1 after 33 years as director of the Henderson County Public Library, he jokes about the changes in how libraries are run.

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