Using Web 2.0 Applications as Information Awareness Tools

As new academic research initiatives become increasingly interdisciplinary, it is imperative that science and engineering librarians develop and implement new approaches to the dissemination of library research tools and techniques. At Drexel University, several such initiatives have resulted in collaborative research in areas such as Nanomedicine, Engineering Cities, Plasma Medicine, Nanoscale Science and Technology, Microfluidics, and Bionanotechnology. In addition, Drexel's emphasis on team-based, interdisciplinary engineering design projects requires students to develop critical understanding of multidisciplinary engineering content. Faculty and students need to be aware of how to access information from a variety of resources that cover a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. How can Web 2.0 tools function as information awareness tools for faculty and students in an academic community?


Authors: Bhatt, Jay
Denick, Dana
Chandra, Smita

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Using Web 2.0 Applications as Information Awareness Tools for Science and Engineering Faculty and Students in Academic Institutions