LISTen: An Program -- Episode #198

This week's episode contains a telephone interview discussing the digital divide in John Lennon's hometown of Liverpool and a news miscellany. Direct Download: Ogg Vorbis Audio Related links: LISEvents: 4th QQML2012 International Conference LISEvents: InPACT 2012 - International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends LISEvents: eBUG Conference 2012 LISEvents: Crimea 2012 LISWire: Gale Digitizes Popular 20th Century Weekly For Students and Scholars Dan Lynch Seven Streets: Liverpool is getting left behind online An Amazon List The Star Beacon: Kingsville celebrates tradition while helping library Reuters: Pakistan blocks Twitter access over "blasphemous content" Agence France-Presse: Pakistan restores Twitter after block over Prophet cartoons Voices For The Library: Reflections on the Arts Council Consultation Workshop Stop the privitsation of Public Libraries Ars Technica: WiFi’s future: faster, smarter, and fewer cables Electronic Frontier Foundation: Hey ITU Member States: No More Secrecy, Release the Treaty Proposals Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF Joins Coalition Denouncing Secretive WCIT Planning Process LISNews: Room for Debate: Threat or Salvation for Library? New York Times: Seizing the Future or Renouncing Its Past? -- Should the New York Public Library go forward with its plan to consolidate two branches into a renovated version of its main building?

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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #192

This week's episode is a bit unconventional yet posted early on April 1st. Unrelated links:

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Pondering A Cell Phone Jammer For Peace @YourLibrary?

The Chief of the Enforcement Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission issued a 2 page PDF enforcement advisory discussing why using jammers is illegal in any situation and outlining the massive penalties using or importing such a device entails.