A Retired Teacher Shares Her Life-Long Love of Libraries

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From Public Broadcasting wbfo, Mildred Blaisdell remembers spending afternoons in the late 50's and 60's at the B.F. Jones Memorial Library, particularly in the summertime.

There wasn't much air conditioning in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania in the late 50's and early 60's. But the library was a haven of coolness on hot, humid afternoons.

Retired LOC Spokeswoman Helen Dalrymple Dead at 68

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The Washington Post reports on the recent death of Helen W. Dalrymple, a Library of Congress researcher and spokeswoman. She was the co-author of several books about the library and was a leading authority on its holdings, history and mission She died Feb. 13 in Arlington VA of brain cancer.

New Librarian has Vast Experience, New Ideas and Salt Water in Her Veins

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A Cape Codder of course.

Osterville’s new librarian Lee Ann Amend cut her teeth in library science as a 14-year-old volunteer in a medical library. She shelved volumes, typed catalog cards, and read “as many of the materials as I could understand,” she wrote in an e-mail interview with the Barnstable Patriot.

Adventures of a Restless Librarian in Iraq

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One woman's quest, profiled in the Sunday New York Times. She's Shelby Monroe, from Chappaqua NY, and this is her blog. To go to Iraq, she quit three part-time jobs — in libraries in Chappaqua and Peekskill and in the Village Bookstore in Pleasantville. When she told her bookstore boss, Roy Solomon, where she was heading, he bluntly replied, “What are you, nuts?”

Current Information For Dr. Gonzo!

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Dr. Daniel Messer
Circulation Supervisor
Queen Creek Public Library - A branch of the Maricopa County Library District
21802 S Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
(602) 652-3362

Your very own Dr. Gonzo.

E-mail: greatwesterndragon (at) gmail (dot) com

A note to so-called

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You're projecting your shadow and misrepresenting reality.

No, I am not imposing my morals anywhere, although that's what the ALA does

No, you are not imposing your self-righteous lunacy on others, you are merely attempting to seduce them into taking your para-schizophrenic world view onto themselves. The ALA, on the other hand, is, generally, encouraging people to hold onto the authority over and responsibility for themselves that they already have.

I am not telling people what to do.

Only, I'm sure, because you have no legal authority to do so. I have no doubt whatsoever that you would take great joy in usurping the authority free persons have over themselves if you thought for two seconds that you could get away with it. However, the statement is factual as it stands, because what you are doing, in reality, is simply screaming hysterically against the underlying foundation of freedom and liberty.


Hyphens are not letters, they are punctuation. And if you are not emotionally mature enough to write a word out because you are embarrassed by it, then you are not emotionally mature enough to be let out on your own.

That aside, however, it is not the ALA, writers, publishers or booksellers, or any country's supreme court that is sexualizing children, it is people like you. It is people like yourself that see them as sexual objects as much as preferential child molesters do.

children are being s-x-alized by the ALA, in my opinion,