If You Needed a Hollow Book, Where Would You Get It?


Here is a $12 option -- This place provides a cool hollow book for $12 -- Southwest Specialty Products 60001S Book Diversion Safe

One problem with Southwest Specialty is that they do not tell you what book you are getting. They are using real remainder books and there is a bookstore near me that sells these. Advantage of buying in the store is you can pick the title you like.

On eBay they have some listings for book safes. For some listings there is the same issue that the do not tell you the title.

Here are some listings where the title is given.

Only Money Book for the Middle Class

Antique 19C Iron Strong Box Book Safe Bank. Hand Painted!

History of Western Civilization

Farewell to Arms (Ironically the seller shows a picture with a gun inside the book)

The Politics of Truth (Seller shows book on shelf among other books) -- Here is the book on Amazon -- The Politics of Truth: A Diplomat's Memoir: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity
(When you know the book title you can also buy a real copy of the book and switch of the real book for the book safe)

Here is a book from 1740 that was destroyed to make a book safe (I hope this was done in the 1740, hopefully the book was not destroyed in this century)

Here is someone that used a x-library book.

I'd want one that looks like it belongs on my bookshelf, the first site has some cool looking stuff. They even have some that are multiple books put together. It alos seems that they give away a FREE Hollow Book once a month. I like free.

The free hollow book site seems a little disingenuous to me. Name is just a marketing ploy. Nothing is free at the site.

Where are the FREE Hollow Books?

"We give away a FreeHollowBook once a month that's totally free and shipped free. It's usually right out in the open, but sometimes it's harder to find. It could be on any section of the site or even the featured book on the main page. The first one to find it gets it.

So why do all the books have prices if this is FREEhollowbooks.com? Well here's the thing. Many of the books we get are from the FREE shelf at our local used book store. We HOLLOW them out for you.

Check out the FAQ or email us with any questions or book suggestions you have. We love new ideas.

The domain we wanted originally didn't contain the word FREE but someone had it and now it's a zombie link farm. Please don't go there or you could possibly get a virus."

But the one thing I'm surprised about is that some bookstores have a free shelf?

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