I Live My Life One Due Date at a Time...


Not too long ago I was really into the import scene. For those unfamiliar, it was "those bunch of kids" with lowered Honda's with loud exhausts, and big rims. Then Hollywood caught wind of it, chewed it up, and spit out its mainstream loogey in the form of "The Fast and the Furious." There's one infamous line where Vin Diesel says he "lives one quarter mile at a time."

For those unfamiliar a quarter mile AKA 1320 (feet) is the length of a drag strip. That horrid line has been embedded in my mind and I have my own library equivalent, "I live my life one check out at a time." Sure its typically three weeks in the future but even the patrons relate to it. A lot of patrons will make comments about how their return date falls on their birthday or some other significant event, or they make a comment about how time flies.

So here's to a Happy New Year to all!

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