Hyperlinked History - Toilet Training by The Faceless Historian

We have a bit of a special episode for you this time around! Last month, I was chosen to speak at the third Ignite Phoenix event. To fit my talk into the time allowed, I had to pare down the essay to its barest essentials. So this time around, I'm presenting to you the original work, uncut.

So, if you haven't seen the video of my performance, you can find out why we're just now catching up with the Ancient Romans, at least on one small technological front. And if you have seen the video, I hope you enjoy the full presentation.

For all you library types with a passion for your profession, you could do a lot worse than promoting it in front of a group of people willing to hear you out. If you have an Ignite event in your area, you might want to submit a presentation. After all, it's only five minutes.