Hyperlinked History- Starting Point by The Faceless Historian

If I'm counting things correctly, this is the tenth episode of Hyperlinked History! Who would've thought I'd squeeze ten episodes out of this thing? I wanted to throw out a quick thank you to all who've listened and I hope you're enjoying the series at least half as much as I enjoy making it. Big thanks to Stephen, Blake, and the gang here at LISNews too! You can't find better folks to work with.

This time around, join me as we take a ride from today's promise of the future to the distant past, over 3,600 years ago. Along the way we'll fly with the Hubble Space Telescope, meet an Austrian scientist, have a couple of revolutions, commit regicide, try communism, play tennis, visit some Gothic churches, liberate Sicily, and visit a library even older than Alexandria.

When you're taking such a long trip, you've really got to have a good Starting Point.