Huffington Post Previews ALA in DC -- Check In With Boopsie

What do you think of when you hear the word "library?" [ed.-no, not you librarians, the general population]

Go back in time, and you may recall the card catalog, the summer reading club, stacks of books, rows of encyclopedias, maybe some microfiche, and a librarian to help you find the right resource.

Fast forward: today, libraries are a much needed and - as a new research study notes - a much utilized essential service that keeps the books and helpful librarians but also combines technology, training and tools for today's digital society. The changing role of today's public library is on the agenda this week when thousands of librarians, authors, Friends, and library advocates of converge in Washington, D.C., for the American Library Association Annual Conference.
If you need help finding your way around, try Boopsie.

Boopsie has partnered with ALA to bring you ALA Mobile...the fastest, easiest way to access important and useful information about the Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., directly from your cell phone.

ALA Mobile requires access to the data network on your phone (make sure you monitor your data use if you do not have an unlimited data plan). To get ALA Mobile on your cell phone, go toALA Boopsie, from your mobile phone’s browser; or,simply text the word “ALA2010” to 41411. You will receive a text message back with a link to download and install the small application to your phone. Just follow the simple steps. It only takes a few seconds. Then click on the ALA Logo and select “Exhibitors”, “Sessions”, etc.

There is help available from the menu of the application. To find an exhibitor, select the “Exhibitors” channel and start typing an exhibitor name. ALA Mobile is powered by Boopsie’s SmartPrefix search, so you only have to type the first few letters of each word of the company name — that should save you some time. To view a list of the sessions at the show, select the “Sessions” channel. You will see a list of sessions. If you want to see all sessions on Friday, just type ‘fri’ and the list of all sessions on Friday will appear. Clicking on a session will show you more details about the session. Be sure to check out the “add to plan” feature that allows you to keep a personal schedule the show. You can also find local restaurants, hotels and even taxi services through the ALA Mobile. Just click on one of the other channels, and search the same way you did for “Exhibitors” or “Sessions”. It’s easy and fun. Enjoy!

Feel free to send feedback to [email protected] boopsie. com. Boopsie also provides a world-class mobile library application with complete integration with your existing ILS.