HLS on OWS: How do Libraries Fit In?

<A HREF="http://hacklibschool.wordpress.com/2011/11/16/hls_ows/">From <I>Hack Library School</I>: A discussion of the Occupy Wall Street library and other Occupy libraries and their role in showing us how much libraries are valued.</A>


If the OWS cared about the library they could have moved the books. The police showed up at midnight and warned that the park was to be cleared. The police gave people an hour to get out. If everyone would have grabbed a couple books as the left the library would be saved.

The library was setup in a park. Zuccotti Park is private property and the library was setup on that property. For the people that defend the library be set up without permission I would like to go put a library in their front yard. Or maybe I will go make my own library in the lobby of my local library. Should I be able to setup bookcases and fill them with books I want in the lobby of my local public library?

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