Hey U, Tune In: The LOC Is Now on iTunes U

Library of Congress iTunes. Blog. Twitter. YouTube. iTunes. Yeah, we speak Web 2.0.

You nation’s Library has millions of stories to tell, so we’re trying to tell them as many places and to as many people as possible–whether on our own website or elsewhere. And now you can add another biggie to the list: iTunes U.

For those who don’t know, iTunes U is an area of the iTunes Store offering free education audio and video content from many of the world’s top universities and other institutions. (The iTunes application is needed to access iTunes U, and is a free download from www.apple.com/itunes.)

The Library’s iTunes U page launched today with a great deal of content, with much more to come. (Link opens in iTunes.) A nice bonus, for those in the know, is that the content is downloadable and even includes materials such as PDFs.

So as long as people keep finding new ways to get information, we’re going to keep finding ways to get it to you!


Of all the times I am nowhere near my Mac and am instead sitting in front of my Linux box...which doesn't have iTunes. I could use WINE but that's kinda overkill...
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

I'd never heard of iTunesU, so will check it out but is the Library's content available outside the U.S. or only within? Anyone know?

I vaguely remember seeing non-US institutions offering content in iTunesU so I think it is likely available outside the US. I have no way to check at the moment as my box that has a working copy of iTunes on it is somewhat out of commission.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

The Library of Congress content is certainly available outside the United States. I am accessing it now from Hong Kong.

Just remember to point your iTunes Store to the United States store, where all iTunesU content resides (and all podcasts, and various other things - I constantly have to go back and forth between the HK and US stores depending on what I am trying to get.).


p.s. Of course, I cannot actually confirm that everything on the U.S. LOC iTunesU is available on all stores, as I have not seen the U.S. content. It is always possible I am seeing a subset.