Hello! fdfabaa interesting fdfabaa site! ...what does THIS mean?

Blake's subtitle, which gave me a chuckle this morning, is a reflection of the work involved in maintaining this blog. It's not backbreaking work, but it's work, and it's constant and continuing. Here's a brief glance at some of the work we do...on a volunteer basis. For the love of libraries.

We have spammers who submit articles entitled "fdfabaa interesting site" and as you can imagine, some are much worse. Their 'contributions' must be eliminated on a daily basis.

We have readers, authors and commentators who sometimes write before they think, or write something for the purpose of diminishing others. They need to be kept in line. Now behave!

We have submitters whose articles are most welcome. They contribute new voices to this collaborative blog and make it better in doing so. Their contributions will occasionally need rewriting, editing or fact-checking.

Speaking of editing and fact-checking, we are a collaborative blog without editors. We do our best to edit our own and each others contributions, but occasionally we miss something. We occasionally repeat a story. We try to correct misinformation as soon as we can. Please have patience. We are not the New York Times, although at least one of us is a Gray Lady (me).

We don't have enough authors who contribute regularly. Want to help report ALL THE LIBRARY NEWS THAT'S FIT TO PRINT? Maybe you'd like to submit an article to the 'pending submissions' tab. Keep it primarily informational and provide a link to the article. If Blake or the other authors think it's newsworthy, it will be added as a story.

On the other hand, if you have a PRESS RELEASE of interest to librarians and other library friends, please submit it to www.liswire.com, our sister organization.

Want to be a regular contributor to www.lisnews.org? The more readers, the more authors, the more commentators, the better! Keep LISNEws at the forefront of the library world. Contact Blake at btcarver AT lisnews DOT com if you'd like to pitch in.

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