Have your say on the Annoyed Librarian matter

Blake posted earlier about the hiring of the Annoyed Librarian blogger by Library Journal. David Lee King wrote at his blog about how he no longer trusts Library Journal. Apparently something has gotten the library community agitated. Have an opinion to express? Wish to ventilate a view? The production team is looking to gather reactions to air in LISTen #43 as part of a segment. In the United States, you can leave an audio message by caling 646-495-9201 and entering extension 61340 when prompted. As the cost to call a number in the United States is somewhat high for those located outside US borders, an upload widget is provided below to submit MP3 files:
drop.io: simple private sharing
All audio submissions will be reviewed but all may not necessarily make it to air. It is best to identify yourself at the beginning akin to this example: "Hi, this is Libby from Cleveland, home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I..." To allow time for us to listen to them all and get them edited together, we would need to hear from you by 9 PM Pacific Daylight Time this Friday. There is a converter pre-set to show what that time would be in other locations across the planet. There is no geographic restriction as to who we are looking to hear from. If you are Tasmania and have something to say in the matter, we'll be more than happy to review what you send. Whether it is Perth or Sudbury or Dublin, this is open to you.


Did you say "matter" or "MADDER"....

AL spews and spews his/her opinion...no matter what anyone thinks or cares, and it seems up until this point in time (until LJ hired and paid AL as a staff member w/ office & perks) all was just fine and dandy as candy.

Now that AL is being paid, as are many other (not so controversial) columnists, there is a so called professional uprising.... I call it freaking professional jealousy!!!

So you don't like it, don't read it! But why are you condemning LJ on a whole over the insidiousness of one writer? So, tell me....do you stop reading the New York Times or People Magazine, stop watching CNN because of one journalist? I think not.

Grow up people....stop the whining....just because AL does not express or uphold your opinions, does nothing to lessen the merit of the remaining content of LJ.

I say start to worry when/if AL becomes Editor in Chief or owner of LJ.

What happened to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of press? Do you or do you not support the Bill of Rights? And you call yourselves professionals? Bah, Humbug!