Have you tried the new search engine Cuil and what do you think of it?

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Tried it, hated it. Results - when they loaded at all - were all over the map, mostly completely irrelevant to the search. The results pages are too "busy" (again, when they load at all). No thanks.

Meh. Did a search on a recent reference question as well as the ubiquitous ego-search--I was underwhelmed, especially with the random and mostly unrelated images scattered through the results. The results layout is interesting and somewhat different, but from what I understand the search engine methodology is very 1999.

Apparently traffic is too great for the page to handle (at 8pm CST on Wednesday), because I couldn't even get in to try it out.

Any searches that I have done so far for reference questions return no results. Either I am using too many terms, or I don't understand the search syntax yet. But if it's indexing 3x as many pages as Google, shouldn't it at least return some results when Google does?

I'm also not entirely fond of the 3 column view of results. There's just too much to look at.

of the same wiki page are not different pages. Also, what's up with the random images? At least take an image off of the actual page.

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