Have a ballot issue coming up in two weeks?

A Levy Campaign Sign Does your library have a levy coming to a vote on November 2nd? Let us know in the comments so that we might spread word.


considering how many libraries are supported by taxes and many candidates are promising to cut taxes? that would make every issue a library issue.

Orange County in North Carolina has .25% sales tax increase on the ballot with 15% of the increased tax revenue (expectation is $2.3 million total revenue) going to emergency services and libraries for five years. Article link summarizing below:


Pacific Grove California Yet again

Renewal of library levy at same rate.

Statewide General Obligation bond for $7 mil, allotted to all public, tribal, academic, and municipal libraries. Cost to residents: 45 cents per $100,000 assessed property value.

Local levy. $5.25/month on a $100,000 property.

If this doesn't pass, the library of the year will have to consider closing half of their branches.


Bond referendum for a new Central Library, plus complete renovations or new buildings for 2 branches and other repairs.

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