Harry Potter Case Continues


On one hand, I'm pretty sure this woman has not actually met a genuine Wicca practitioner or pagan in her entire life. (I'd be happy to volunteer, as would some of the nice folks out on belief.net) "Star Wars," teaches better Buddhism them Harry Potter teaches "Witchcraft." I'm also really curious what she would do if someone actually came to her looking for books on the faith or the mythology section. I doubt I'd want to be assigned to the same help desk as someone getting tripped up by Harry Potter just to side step a trip to HR when I say or do something "wrong."

If she refused to dispense information or check out books, that would be a clear violation of the mission of libraries. Special events? Better to be short staffed then to have a killjoy there. She made her arrangements for time off, and she has the right to be (incredibly and ignorantly) offended. If I was surrounded by a Baptist convention and they were talking about converting gays and heathens...Okay, I've taken those jobs for the humor and education value in the past, but I can see where someone can and should be able to opt out of the special events without ridicule or loss of their job.

So, good luck on your case, lady! I pray to Great Hermes I will never work with you!

I've never worked as a librarian before, but I have had retail jobs including Borders. Basically, you work when they tell you to, and opting out of a big event like that is out of the question. Its like... I work in television now and this would be like me demanding time off during a sweeps week.

She made her choice and got put on her boss' crap list. She didn't like it and quit. End of story.

The rest is just whining.