Happy 11th Birthday LISNews

As usual, I almost forgot! 11 years ago today I brought LISNews online.

If you've been around for awhile you already know the rest of the story, if not, I'll spare you the details because you won't read them anyways.

I can't possibly thank everyone who has helped LISNews over the past 10 years. Steve Glabraith, Steven M Cohen & Nabeal Ahmed, were all instrumental in helping me during the early years (when I needed it most!).

We also had a few authors that posted like bloggers possessed, Ieleene, Aaron, Rochelle, and a few other authors who helped out for awhile and moved on. Behind the scenes Joe Frazee helped me get the original LISNews server up and running. Over the years a few dedicated souls have tirelessly submitted stories; Bob Cox, Martin, Lee Hadden, Charles Davis, and many others. Stephen Kellat, for the podcast, Robin, Troy, Andy, Dan and all the LISNews authors deserve a big thank you and a pat on the back for all their hard work. LISNews is a collaborative site, and we all work together to make it great.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has ever chipped in to pay for the server, submitted a story, wrote in their journal, left a comment, or just dropped by for a visit.

Happy Birthday LISNews. Here's hoping we have a few more good years ahead of us!


I've been reading you guys for less than a year, but am very thankful you're around! Congrats on such long-term success!

Glad to have been along for (most of) the ride. A pat on the back...that and $1.50 can buy me a nice cup of robusto here in Brooklyn. Robin

Congratulations, LISNews.

Well done, and thank you. You are an excellent resource for everyone interested in library news. I review your stories every time I turn on my computer.

Thanks again.


Blake & team - I also check-in daily for the valuable information this service provides. Thanks for all it takes to keep delivering it!

Jean Costello (a.k.a. The Radical Patron)
The Radical Patron

It must've been fairly early times when I stumbled upon LISNews by accident. In those days I was still just an unhappy, frustrated librarian-wannabe who hadn't even figured out yet that's what I was. A couple of years later, when I got wise and summoned the gumption to start library school, I started hanging around LISNews in earnest, posting stories and participating in conversations. It was the best thing I could have done. LISNews as a place, and LISNewsters as a community of practice, did more than I can say to fill in the gaps left by the 100%-distance-degree experience. I haven't posted much in recent years (since I graduated and was lucky enough to get my rockin' job that I adore), but I visit nearly every day. It's STILL indispensable. Bravo & huzzah to Blake and the rest of the gang! LISNews, me love you long time. The dial goes on past 11.
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