A Great Slogan, In My Book

from the Nashville Library...

"a city with a great library is a great city", sold by the Friends of the Nashville Public Library.


Improvement is needed for customers services at our cities' public libraries and changes to the organizational culture. Too many users get sidelined.

Churlish obnoxious arrogant employees make difficult the navigating of library collections, make difficult our library services' usability. At our Boston Public Library important people that library users/clientele/customers/consumers depend on to interpret collections and services can be too tricky to deal with, too easily taking offense when questioned about their responses to library reference enquiries. Attempting to submit feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions about the quality of performance for library services is an exercise is diplomacy, feedback rejected, transactions deflected.

A better customers services program is needed that gathers feedback, suggestions, concerns and questions at points of library services about performance qualities.