A Google A Day

Librarian Bill Drew just reported on receiving an email from Google about a new feature they wanted him to try out called A Google a Day. Here's the gist of it:

What is a Google a Day?
A Google a Day is a daily trivia question where searching isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. Through daily questions on a diverse array of topics, we delight the curious with exciting new facts. Questions are featured daily on www.agoogleaday.com and above the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Why is it cool?
A Google a Day is a great new way to discover fascinating information about the world around all while learning how to use the wealth of the web to satisfy one's curiosity. Moreover, it's a great way for students and library patrons to build search skills that allow them to better put the power of Google's search engine to work for them in researching for assignments and discovering untapped avenues for further exploration.

Even more exciting, the Google a Day widget can be embedded right on a library's home page. With minimal effort and no programming experience required, each day the widget will automatically update so users have instant access to exciting and educational content on the landing page.

Why is it useful for libraries?
With budgets being cut, A Google a Day is a free method to build search literacy in a fun and accessible way. Every day we highlight awesome and useful search tricks to help find information quicker and easier. These skills can be built into an instruction session or curriculum on search engine utilization and internet research. We hope A Google a Day will not only spark interest in the wealth of knowledge hosted in libraries, on the web, and around the world, but give users the search skills to best unlock this information.

How do I get started?
To install the A Google a Day widget into your site copy/paste the follow information (including the “<” and “>”) to your desired location. You can include this iframe element:

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A Google a Day
Welcome to the new daily puzzle from Google. There is no right way to solve it, but there's only one right answer. Find the answer with your creativity and clever search skills.


it appeared a few weeks ago on Google and I remember answering the question about the longest bridge... but then it disappeared so I thought it was something they turned on by accident...

FYI, it's been around since April.

Is it really good for enhancing search skills, or simply good for Google to expand their business. What Is Google Hiding From You? is just a brief overview of what's wrong with Google search algorithms. Try using a metasearch site like Metacrawler to get more comprehensive results. No gimmicks there - just relevant hits.

I've been working with Alex Davenport at Google to help introduce A Google A Day to libraries. I have a blog post with a few more details.

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