Georgia Archives To Remain Open

How about some (sort of) GOOD news for a change?

As reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Georgia State Archives will remain open.

Gov. Nathan Deal and Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp made that announcement Thursday, saying the state will restore $125,000 to Kemp’s budget — enough money to keep the Archives open until at least the middle of next year.

The emergency move came two weeks before budget cuts were to force the Archives’ closure as a full-time facility except by appointment. It was a muted victory for Archives supporters, who lauded the decision but are still fighting to save the jobs of seven employees who will be laid off as of Nov. 1.


When you actually have a figure you know what you need to raise.
So how many supporters are there and how much would they each need to give to keep it open per year?

If anything, this is only slightly better news than the original news. In the original plan, two-day-a-week public access would have been reduced to by-appointment-only access on six days per month, and ten employees would have been reduced to three. In the new plan, two-day-a-week public access is maintained, and ten employees are reduced to five. I find it appalling that we consider this to be good news.

It is good news, as in it's not the news it was going to be.
It's not 'Wonderful' news admittedly, but still good.
Or would you rather it was even worse news?

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