Fundraiser to Pay Children's Fines

In Spokane, WA a group of civic and literary minded folks are planning a fundraiser to pay off the fines and fees on children's library cards so they can use them again. The local libraries block cards from use if they carry a balance of $10 or more. By paying off these fines, the group raises money for the library and opens up blocked cards so kids can once again borrow books.

Brief story.


What a great idea. I could not check out at my local library for years when growing up because of fines that my mom couldn't pay. Though, that doesn't really teach responsibility for the kids or their parents.

This would be a terrific idea as long as the cards were then not allowed to be used to cko Mom & Dad's items. That is the source of most children's fines here at my library.

Great idea -- I'm going to suggest it to our FOL group as a possible project. Also to hoosierpsa, my library system assesses fines by the type of material, not the card. Kids and teen materials cost $0.05/item/day overdue; adult materials $0.30/item/day overdue. Exception is DVDs, which are $1/item/day overdue. Avoids the issue of Mom & Dad using the kid's card; doesn't avoid the issue of not being able to afford overdues ;-)

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