Friends of a Friend's Group

I need your help.

A few months back, after an exchange of emails with Steve Lawson following his fundraiser for the Louisville Free Public Library, I was trying to think of a way to help libraries in general. I am hoping that what I am going to propose right now will do just that.

Friend of a Friend’s Group is a wiki set up to collect information and resources for everything dealing with a “friends of the library” group. From starting a friend’s group to fundraising and advocacy, I’m hoping to harness the combined knowledge and expertise of the library community for this important purpose.

As we are painfully aware, 2009 saw a great deal of turmoil as libraries fought back the budget knife in states and cities around the country. Many were forced to cut services and/or hours, some had to lay off employees, and some even had to close their doors. From all prognostication, 2010 is going to yield the same hardships. This wiki project seeks to combat this by giving libraries of all sizes the advice and tools to build and use library advocates within their community. The library is a community supported, community driven institution and there is no time like the present to cultivate and utilize the grassroots support that awaits realization.

At present, I have created a skeleton of what I think the wiki should include. As wikis are quite mutable, please feel free to add topics and areas that I missed. However, please keep in mind the spirit of this project: to provide libraries with fund raising ideas, advocacy suggestions, and practical information regarding and for their friend’s group.

Please take a moment to check out the wiki. If you are familiar with wiki coding and have things to add, please do not hesitate to do so. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with wiki coding and still want to help out, you can still help out through this submission form. I can add your content to the wiki from there.

Together, we can make something great. Please lend a hand in building this resource for our combined future.

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I contributed some ideas, please feel free to edit them.

Norman Oder at Library Journal pointed out to me that there are two ALA groups that address certain aspects of this.

Associations of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations


Friends of Libraries USA

I'll be adding those to my post shortly.