Free expression vs. religious sensitivity


Foxnews has this story from ATHENS, Greece

It began with a small fire. About 200 religious zealots and ultra-conservatives fed the flames in January with copies of a book they call blasphemous because of passages about the possible sexual longings of Jesus Christ.

The book burning, however, was just kindling for a bigger confrontation. Political leaders, clergymen and scholars have been drawn onto the unstable ground between the nation\'s commitment to free expression and the Orthodox Christian heritage that figures strongly in Greece\'s ethnic identity.

A hearing was held today in the northern city of Thessaloniki on a suit to halt the sale of the best-selling book \"M to the Power of N\'\' by former Communist parliament deputy Mimis Androulakis.

Judge Maria Robbi said she would decide Thursday on whether a temporary ban on book sales should be imposed until a full hearing is held May 16.

Dozens of black robed priests and monks marred the hearing, rhythmically chanting \"blasphemers\'\' and \"antichrists\'\' at Androulakis\' defense lawyer, Thomas Trikoukis. The church later said it had nothing to do with the protesters.