Former Mayoral Campaign Manager Acknowledges Palin Tried to Ban "Daddy's Roommate" from Library

<a href="">The New York Times</a>, quotes Sarah Palin's 1996 mayoral campaign manager, Laura Chase, stating Vice President candidate Sarah Palin sought to remove "Daddy's Roommate" from the Wasilla Library. According to Chase, she did not even read the book: “Sarah said she didn’t need to read that stuff,” Ms. Chase said. “It was disturbing that someone would be willing to remove a book from the library and she didn’t even read it.”



Typical that someone would leave a comment like "typical"

Typical that someone would leave a comment like "Typical that someone would leave a comment like "typical"

Palin's base will just be energized by this news. The people that spaz out about it would not vote for McCain no matter who he picked as a VP. Bush won twice. The republicans will win again.

People that said, "I didn't know anyone that voted for Bush and he won." just need to change their tune to "I didn't know anyone that voted for McCain and he won." The NYT thinks there are damaging McCain by telling about the roommate book. They are not, they are just letting McCain's base know that he is the one.

Democrats need to realize that there is a huge subset of voters that are anti anti-palin.

Palin is anti-gay and the devil.

We are using the Bush doctrine of preemtion here. We are preemting all the dumb comments with some dumb comments.

You spelled preemption wrong retard.

Of course she wouldn't read the book. People who are afraid of books don't read them. They only need to hear some taboo word -- "gay" "lesbian" "athiest" "pagan" -- to make a decision. Far from judging a book by its cover, they judge them by a buzzword. Why does this surprise anyone? She doesn't think for herself, she lets her god, her religious conviction and her party politics think for her!

If I promise to vote for her and her grampa then will this thread please die?

Well.. waiting for the promise ;)

their catalog is down now, but I don't see any record of the Wasilla library owning that book. yes, they could have weeded it years ago, but FirsSearch only shows 6 Alaska libraries with Daddy's Roommate, and the Matanuska-Susitna Library Network isn't one.

it would make the story juicier if they could show that they owned the book in 1991-1996.

You are correct-- I checked the on-line card catalog and the book is no longer in the Wasilla Library. The nearest copy is 85 very safe miles away in Talkeetna. On another website the current librarian said something about every book having to fight for real estate. I think it is important to ask when the book disappeared from the Wasilla Library and where did it go? I find it difficult to believe that they couldn't carve out 1/2" (about the thickness of the book) of library shelf "real estate" in order to promote diversity of thought.
Laura Chase, Wasilla, AK

The article does not quote Chase as saying that Palin sought to remove the book. It quotes her saying that while Palin was a councilwoman, she noticed that the book was on the shelves and told colleagues that it "didn't belong there." There's nothing in the story that says she tried to do something about it. I think Palin is a horrorshow, but why is it so difficult to get the facts straight?

She actually started the campaign of censorship and library book damage.
Watch out, if she gets elected she'll be going into the Library of Congress with a pair of scissors and a marker pen!

Funny how books dealing with contemporary things like homosexual relations, incest, child abuse are all vilified and banned but they live their lives by another old book that seems to include and indeed praise such things!

There are two ways to enforce censorship. The first is the ethical method to publically challenge a book, which is bureaucratic and requires a review of the library's acquisitions policy, a review of the book, filling out forms, etc.
The other way is the "Mafia" way- just threaten the librarian personally. No book reviews, no policy decisions, just tell her/him that if they don't toe the line, they'll be fired by the new mayor. Since librarians often have families, mortgages, obligations, they often can't afford to be martyrs, so this is a very effective, although an unethical and illegal way, of getting your way over the public librarian.
Did it work for Sarah Palin? Of course it did. Palin never had to put anything on paper, just hint to the librarian, and then fire her a few days later "for not supporting the mayor." The fact that she rescinded the firing the next day only shows how intent she was on intimidating the library director who didn't do as the mayor said she should do. The beheading sword was always held overhead, ready to fall down on her at any time, like the sword of Damocles. Of course she did as the mayor said, or "tonight, Luigi sleeps with the fishes."
The librarian, of course, doesn't work as a personal employee for the mayor. The library director is a municipal employee, the same as the mayor is, and there are rules and laws for the treatment of employees. However, like a Mafia godfather, Sarah Palin wanted power and for everyone to be made to obey her, and seemed to think that the government employees were her personal employees to do with as she wanted.
If Sarah Palin ever gets to national office, I think she will be greatly surprised when she crosses unionized federal employees for the first time, and finds that she can't always get her whim, and that she is less in charge than she thinks.
But for now, she seems to have the "Godfather" schtick down pat in dealing with employees. She can even intimidate them into silence, or "omerta".
Winning by intimidation works. Sometimes more than once.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

Fuck Palin and and that old bastard she rode in on. If they win the white house will be full of drunken whores and babies and lets not forget a rest home for McCain